Klamath Lake Land Trust

 ... Dedicated to preserving the natural legacy of the Upper Klamath Basin



In 2012, KLLT purchased a quarter section of sage steppe in the center of the Knott Tableland that forms the anchor for a potential wildlife preserve. The thin soils are fragile, but still covered in native plant species that provide food and habitat for American pronghorn, small mammals, raptors, songbirds, and reptiles. The area is culturally important to members of the Klamath Tribes, whose ancestors called this place home. In the mid-20th century, as part of the termination of the Klamath Tribes, land on the Knott Tableland was transferred from the Federal Government to the County. The County sold it to a private owner who subsequently subdivided it into rural homesites. Most of the lots are uninhabited, in part due to distance from services, difficult road access, lack of water, poor soil, and a harsh winter climate. 

Klamath Lake Land Trust

The Klamath Lake Land Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PO Box 5142 Klamath Falls, OR 97601

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